More often than not I hear these questions: ”What do I have to do to find more customers, to increase my income and to be able to create a powerful Personal Trainer brand?” These questions and their answers have dwelled on me during my development in my career as Lifestyle Fitness Coach.

So far, I have mainly focused on developing my own brand, my own sales system, or to put it better: my own BUSINESS!

My extensive work experience, my numerous accreditations and my thorough studies have helped me so far in gaining success.

However, I have come to realize that no matter how much I focus on my own business, I still have something missing. To be more precise, I have come to the understanding that my education and my work experience can come to the aid of other Personal Trainers, of people who are willing to develop, who are motivated and merely…want more.

This is why I have brought about the first program for Personal Trainers in Romania - Fitness Business Coaching 1-to-1.

The passion for Fitness has become with time Florin's career and successful business.

With extensive practice, advanced studies and numerous diplomas, Florin has been active in the Fitness and sport nutrition field for more than 10 years and for more than 5 years in the Fitness Business Coaching field.

In any business, the key factors to achieve much desired success are: be involved, be reliable, be informed and stay motivated.

Florin Cujbă

In order to help you grow your business, Florin Cujbă will help you use simple and comprehensive learning strategies, as well as various techniques to bring your business to its maximum efficiency level and more importantly, to increase business quality.

Efficient and constant collaboration contributes to your business success.

Florin Cujbă

Florin presently has numerous accreditations nationally and internationally renowned.

Monthly payment
Quaterly payment /every 3 months
Payment in 2 installments / at the beginning and at the end
Full payment up front
Your suggestion / Whatever suits your needs

Get in touch with Florin:

0751 036 157